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Best Turkish Crypto YouTube Channels

There are currently many hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube that are important to the cryptocurrency industry, allowing YouTube channels one of the easiest places to find information, insights, and updates regarding the world of cryptocurrencies. They provide fascinating details on the cryptocurrency industry and offer both beginner and experienced traders educational resources.

In this article, we’ll discusses the top Turkish cryptocurrency YouTube channels, which have become valuable content for investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Best Turkish Crypto Youtube Channels


Uzmancoin, founded in 2017, is a Turkish cryptocurrency platform that aims to give people with a local and accessible crypto news platform.

The platform was founded by a team of blockchain technology, financial, and independent experts with the purpose of closing the gap between the general population and the complicated world of digital currency.

Uzmancoin, the most used cryptocurrency news platform in Turkey, also has a YouTube channel where they share current developments in the crypto industry. The channel is active in each day.

Its’ also never misses to offer its subscribers with the currently crypto news and definitely the best option for people who want to stay updated.

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Coin Muhendisi

One of the top Turkish cryptocurrency YouTube channels, Coin Muhendisi, has a continually growing with its 460 thousand subscribers right now and opened in October 2018.

The channel, which is run by a team of qualified professionals, offers comprehensive assessments of various cryptocurrencies as well as fundamental explanations of blockchain technology.

The thorough approach to instruction used by Coin Muhendisi and its dedication to keeping viewers informed of the most current developments contribute to it being a favorite among all crypto followers.

Crypto Kemal

In the Turkish crypto industry, Crypto Kemal is well-known for his comprehensive analysis of technology and market knowledge.

His YouTube channel combines market trends, trading techniques, and detailed analyses of numerous blockchain projects.

All traders will find value in Crypto Kemal’s content because of his captivating presenting method and ability for simplifying complicated concepts.

The channel opened in November 2018 and currently has 284 thousand subscribers.


Selcoin is a channel that discusses not just cryptocurrencies but also wider financial and technological changes and opened in February 2018.

Viewers can acquire a thorough knowledge of how cryptocurrencies integrate into the greater financial environment thanks to such a greater viewpoint.

The channel’s talks on economics and global market trends bring a distinctive perspective to the crypto discourse. Selcoin currently has 495 thousand subscribers.

Emir Şahin

The world of cryptocurrency can at times seem like a language of complexity and technical words. In order to close this knowledge gap, Emir Şahin offers succinct explanations of the most important words and ideas in the field of cryptography. He opened his channel in October  2015. Right now, he has nearly 150 thousand followers.

For people who are new to the crypto world and other economic terms, this channel is an excellent spot to start since it enables people to lay an excellent foundation of knowledge before tackling more difficult subjects.


These top Turkish cryptocurrency YouTube channels offer to individuals at different points of their crypto journey. These channels provide a variety of information and points of view to help you manage the complicated world of cryptocurrencies, either you’re a beginner hoping to understand the fundamentals or an experienced trader wanting advanced insights. These channels will probably continue to be crucial resources for guidance, knowledge, and inspiration for Turkish people who are participating in the cryptocurrency revolution while the industry evolves.

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