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Top Turkish Crypto Influencers

Who are the best Turkish crypto influencers? Influencers started taking on significance in our lives as social media grew in popularity. These major developments over the years have enabled us to observe influencers in many aspects of our life, as well as a number of innovations and conveniences. This also remains actually the case in the area of cryptocurrencies.

What is Cryptocurrency Influencer?

Crypto influencer is a type of influencer marketing. In order to reach a much wider audience and establish a solid reputation, you can work with a crypto influencer to promote your business or products.

Influencers employ a number of promotional methods, such as reviews, suggestions, and public endorsements, to accomplish this.

Through social media platforms like YouTube and X, the majority of crypto influencers often drive traffic to companies websites and raise brand awareness. Finding an influencer with knowledge of the blockchain industry is crucial because this is such a specialized field.

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Why are Crypto Influencers Important?

Crypto influencers are a crucial replacement for traditional digital advertising since it is no longer relevant to the blockchain community.  As social media platforms and search engines represent the majority of the digital advertising industry, fintech and cryptocurrency companies find influencers are a good option as an alternative to traditional digital marketing techniques.

Top Crypto Influencers in Turkey

Kamile Uray

Analyst and investor. She is widely known as one of Turkey’s one of most successful cryptocurrency influencer. She shares valuable insights into the blockchain industry based on her significant financial background.

Uray actively shares her daily technical analysis with followers on X with 156 thousand followers and also takes part in teaching “Technical Analysis Trainings in Financial Markets” at Vuca Borsa, contributing valuable knowledge to those interested for ways to understand the industry.

Burak Tamac

Burak Tamac is an analyst, investor, researcher, and the community manager for Turkey at CryptoQuant, a blockchain data analysis platform. As a contributor to major platforms like Uzmancoin, he shares his articles with readers.

Additionally, Tamac keeps people informed about his technical analyses through regular updates on X with 100 thousand followers and 11.5 thousand subcribers on Telegram.


StevedaBitcoin, also known as “Steve Davis”, often shares about crypto news, commentaries about the economy, social issues, and cryptocurrency analyses.

Steve also has his own Youtube channel, called Steve Tv, where he and his team utilizes long-form video format to explain and analyze crypto issues. He currently has 508 thousand followers on X.

Baris Buyuktas

Barıs Buyuktas is a cryptocurrency investor and the founder of the cryptocurrency marketing agency Evox. With a substantial X following of 216 thousand account, he mainly discusses current events and all things related to cryptocurrency.

Additionally, with the team of Evox, he continue to update the Evox Media with the latest developments in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.


Selcoin is a cryptocurrency author, investor, and educator known for sharing his insights and experiences on YouTube. Through his videos, he explains the nuances of blockchain, making it easier for viewers to understand. Additionally, he authored a book titled “Altın Kapının Anahtarı Bitcoin” (The Golden Key to the Door of Bitcoin).

Selcoin keeps his followers updated on his latest YouTube broadcasts, cryptocurrency announcements, news, and comments through his X account with nearly 754 thousand followers

Beste Naz Sullu

Specialist in risk management and financial engineering. She frequently shares critiques of the cryptocurrency industry that highlight news and updates from her X with 150 thousand followers and her Youtube channel with 38 thousand subcribers.

Furthermore, she offers comprehensive training sessions in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in this field.

Efe Bulduk

Efe Bulduk is a respected voice in the Turkish crypto industry. Known for his engaging content, he regularly shares his views on market trends, emerging blockchain projects, and investment strategies.

Bulduk’s analytical approach and dedication to providing accurate information have earned him a significant following of 423 thousand followers on X and 101 thousand subcribers on YouTube.

Erhan Unal

Erhan Unal, an analyst and investor, commands a significant presence on X, boasting nearly 380 thousand followers. He consistently shares his perspectives, breaking news, and insightful charts.

Unal’s content is diverse, covering topics such as investment strategies, discussions on cryptocurrencies, and insights into the world of Blockchain. His Twitter account serves as a valuable resource for people seeking updates and information on financial markets and the cryptocurrency industry.

Baris Kardes

Barış Kardes is a well-known figure in the Turkish crypto community. Through various online platforms, especially in X with 126 thousand followers, he has become a trusted source of information for people new to cryptocurrency as well as experienced enthusiasts.

Baris divides himself by offering informative insights, doing thorough market analysis, and giving valuable content. His numerous approach is to explain technical subjects in the cryptocurrency industry, making them more accessible to more people. Baris Kardes provides to the various needs of the crypto community, whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced enthusiast exploring subjects.

MissTrader ANKA

Miss Trader initially started her career as an architect, but in 2017, she shifted her focus to explore her interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Currently, she is actively engaged in both fields, conducting research on cryptocurrencies using technical analysis. She regularly shares these analyses with her 109 thousand followers on X, and 15 thousand subcribers YouTube.


All over the world, including Turkey, the emergence of cryptocurrencies resulted in an explosion of creativity, investment, and curiosity. The above mentioned crypto influencers have played an important part in influencing the narrative around digital currencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance within the Turkish community.

These influencers are paving the way for a more educated and involved crypto community in Turkey, eventually helping to the wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the country’s financial landscape, through their educational content, market analysis, and insights.

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