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Airdrop Marketing Strategies For Crypto Projects

A marketing strategy known as an airdrop is the release of a limited amount of tokens to users in return for completing certain activities essential for promoting your product or the growth of a community.

An airdrop’s main goal is to raise awareness of a project or to gather community input on how well a product or service is doing through activities, as well as contact information for future marketing strategies.

Airdrop advertising is a powerful marketing strategy that can be used to attract customers, keep them interested, and create income. 

It makes use of the pool of tokens that are currently accessible on the inside of a project.

A Technique for Promoting an ICO

Using a crypto airdrop to promote your project is helpful. 

An ICO campaign’s first launch can be expensive for many projects. As they can sell their project using the tokens they already have, such businesses find airdrops to be cost-effective. 

A project can attract potential investors on different platforms with the help of a campaign.

Free Cash for Participants 

In most cases, all that is needed for participants to get their Crypto Airdrop as payment is for them to do a few simple things. 

By rewarding participants for promoting the coin/token on their behalf, projects will be able to easily reach their marketing goals with these easy activities.


It is affordable to promote tokens or currencies through blockchain airdrop campaigns. Tokens are only needed to generate interest in the audience, which will spark the attention of several participants. 

Also, when people find out that something is free, their attention is increased. After that, they’ll want to take part in order to get the offered tokens or coins.

Lead Generation

Marketing tries to provide quality leads for your project. A project can discover trustworthy leads for its products with the use of a crypto airdrop strategy. 

Participants in lead-required projects are asked to complete forms by offering necessary data.

Creation of Brand Loyalty

The best way to increase brand loyalty is through airdrops. The audience reach will be greater because of the various campaign platforms. 

Receiving free things also increases the feeling of brand loyalty. The hype will also spread across their project groups and discussion panels, attracting even more people to the project. 

This is the cherry on top of an active community.


Businesses should never forget to express their appreciation to their customers, subscribers, and supporters. 

Businesses can accomplish this through crypto airdrop promotions during an Airdrop Campaign.

It raises moods and encourages the audience to make others aware about the campaign.

What Was the First Crypto Airdrop?

In March 2014, Iceland launched Aurora coin as an experiment that might eventually replace both Bitcoin and the Icelandic krona. 

This was the first airdrop in history. Before receiving 318 coins, each citizen was given 31.8 AUR. 

The total increased to 636 coins on the third level. All of the coins were freely airdropped.

NFT Airdrop Marketing Strategies

Each wallet with a certain NFT can receive the native token of the creator’s platform as part of an NFT airdrop. 

With NFT, airdrop marketing allows rewarding holders with additional NFTs that can either increase the market value of the original collectible or stand alone as a collectible.

One of the most appealing reasons for doing an airdrop campaign is the audience you can reach. 

When token usage increases and users visit the token’s website more often, leading to more outreach, an airdrop shows to be beneficial. 

Free listings of future airdrops are provided by NFT Airdrop marketing. You can meet a variety of cryptocurrency lovers on these platforms that are always seeking for new projects.

Types of Airdrop Campaigns

Now that you are aware of what airdrop is and its benefits.  So, it’s crucial to comprehend the many types of airdrop marketing before launching an airdrop marketing campaign.

1. The Standard Airdrop

A Standard Airdrop Marketing campaign allows for a set number of tokens/coins into the ‘crypto storage app’. 

The goal of this campaign is to encourage more people to adopt the token.

At this point, the participants will be given easy tasks to complete, such as signing up for the project’s newsletter, submitting their crypto wallet address, and opening an account.

2. The Free Airdrop

You will receive your token or currency through airdrop for free if you choose the Free Drop. 

To be successful with this kind of marketing, you must be strategic; you cannot just do this to everybody. Search for people who are active in the area, whether or not they have a following.

People that are involved in projects similar to yours and who have a visibility in the space will provide far better results than any other technique.

Especially if the token has any value, everyone who receives a free token in their wallet could be interested enough to at least look into the campaign.

3. The Bounty Airdrop

The next phase in promoting a project is a bounty airdrop marketing campaign. 

The distribution of Airdrops to users who would promote the token/coin is made possible by this campaign. 

At this level, promotions can occur on various social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

4. The Hard Fork Airdrop

When a token or coin’s protocol code changes, a new token or coin is then produced in the most recent version of the blockchain. 

This is when hard fork airdrops occur. Any tokens or coins that users hold in their wallets will then be replaced with an equal number of new tokens or coins. 

When a hard fork airdrop actually happens, the blockchain divides, creating a new blockchain that is based on the original token/coin.

5. The Holder Airdrop

The Holder Airdrop is a particular kind of airdrop that takes place when a person owns a particular token or coin in their wallet at a particular time. 

A Project must collect their customers’ data as part of the procedure. 

The amount of the airdrop will then depend on the funds that each wallet has available.

6. The Exclusive Airdrop

The Exclusive Airdrop is only accessible to the devoted users and participants of a certain project. 

Thus, increasing the availability of these airdrops as a way to thank their most devoted users and/or customers. 

The lack of a precondition step for this airdrop is one aspect of this campaign.

Airdrop Marketing Strategies

Community Marketing

When it comes to managing the cryptocurrency community outside of social media networks, platforms such as Telegram, Discord, and others are quite popular. 

There is probably a community for your project on one or more of these platforms if you have been working in the industry for some time.

You can publish updates using them to let your community members know that you will be hosting an airdrop. 

In addition, you can ask them to make others aware about your airdrop. This will raise awareness of your airdrop and perhaps attract more users or investors.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing with cryptocurrencies has shown to be the perfect tool for projects that want to increase their authority, dependability, and trustworthiness. 

This strategy helps in attracting a significant portion of their customer base. 

Hence, collaborating with influencers to advertise your airdrops is always a good decision. 

You’ll receive more leads when influencers’ followers join your community.

Video Marketing

By creating and promoting cryptocurrency videos with the Airdrop marketing campaign, you can educate such admirers and ultimately turn them into potential investors. 

Explainer videos can be posted to social media and within your network. 

You can share periodic industry news and influencer videos to make people aware of your airdrops.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most extensively utilized tool for cryptocurrency marketing, along with airdrops. 

It can be utilized to advertise both your project particularly and your industry overall. 

Thus, if you’re planning an airdrop, be sure to let people know on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, among many others.


Airdrops are one of the greatest and most effective marketing strategies, yet marketing is a very specialized area. 

Working with people that have a lot of knowledge about the subject of crypto marketing is, thus, always advantageous. 

For any airdrop or similar activities for your project, you need a reliable crypto marketing agency.

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