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How to Build NFT Community? Guide for 2023

The industry is tragically rife with scams, duplicate communities, and disengaged users as a consequence of unsuccessful NFT projects, despite the fact that non-fungible tokens have recently become quite popular.

The NFT projects that have been successful frequently use distinctive marketing strategies and build a loyal, active community.

The communities are the key factor of the project’s success. These communities give members a place to share news, talk about ideas, and ask questions. Therefore, it assumed increased importance for both NFTs and the entire cryptocurrency industry in recent years.

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What is a NFT Community?

how to build nft community on discord

NFT communities are online communities with small groups of people. You can join the group by purchasing, minting, or otherwise getting an NFT from the group’s collection.

On the other hand, these NFTs are more than just avatars or profile photos.

The information on each member’s NFT serves as a digital key that can unlock doors to play-to-earn games, private sub-communities, requests to stake NFTs for cryptocurrencies, and special investment opportunities.

Importance of NFT Community

Members of NFT communities have the opportunity to promote other members and brands by sharing their works within their own networks.

Individuals now have access to a platform that allows for them to promote their work in ways that weren’t before possible.

Creating an NFT community has several advantages, including promoting your work, sharing ideas, working together into projects and discovering inspired people.

By purchasing and selling for profits, collectors and artists can earn a living and trade digital versions of assets in a secure and efficient way.

Building a strong NFT community will help your projects sell more, raise awareness, and enhance your brand’s reputation.

How to Build an NFT Community?

Each community naturally has its own set of distinctive features, including exclusivity.

But what makes an NFT community genuinely successful, and how can you build one?

Here are six strategies that brands and projects can use to successfully connect with their audiences and sustain the excitement surrounding their projects:

1. Define your Audience

The best NFT marketplaces engage and keep people who share their goals, visions, and plans. The community you want to connect with online is your target audience, whether you’re a brand or an individual.

It needs to reflect the ideas of your corporation brand identity. The success and growth of a community depend on a passionate audience that are committed to your business.

2. Determine your Goals and Plans

It’s crucial to have a goal and a plan for what you want your NFT project to achieve. Choose your area to make a project and its ideas stand out from the crowd; this is its basis.

The project plan will determine its scale, but there won’t be a community until others support your ideas.

Effective NFT projects go beyond the realm of art. They focus on appealing to a certain audience and generating a particular feeling.

3. Choose your Platforms

It’s essential that you understand the distinctions between Twitter and Discord because these are the two platforms where the majority of the NFT community is active.

Twitter is used to communicate publicly with both community members and potential new members.

Take it into account as a channel for inspiring visitors to engage with your content and discover what it’s like to be a member.

On Twitter, the language is more casual, and memes are prevalent. The more people participate, the better; there are various techniques to increase engagement with content, including contests, events, and riddles.

Discord is used to interact with your community in real time, serving as both a platform for information dissemination and a platform for community building.

An excellent Discord community offers a smooth onboarding and instant access to crucial project and team information.

Setting up a channel or ticketing system utilizing a Discord bot is a terrific idea to help people with further questions about your work. And yet, remember that having too many channels may become tiring, so keep them relevant.

4. Organize Events

Events are important for creating a strong NFT community. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves, thus the aim is for people to engage with one another in enjoyable ways.

In addition to Discord, which has a stage where you can conduct events, Twitter Spaces is an excellent platform for running AMAs regularly.

5. Build Loyalty and Legitimacy

You must keep your promises if you want to create an enduring and engaged community. The people in your community depend on you to maintain the targets and goals that you established for your project.

The greatest method to develop a reliable network and get respect from people and community is by establishing truth and respectability. In case your initial vision changes, be sure to update your audience.

6. Communicate with Members

A NFT community is more than just a place for trading NFTs. In the real world, online, or digitally, they can serve a limitless number of purposes. Those who are involved in NFT communities have a feeling of belonging.

Establishing a strong relationship with your community requires effective and meaningful involvement.

A community management service can reduce your work and ensure you are covered 24 hours a day because that may take a lot of time and effort.


It won’t be possible to launch an NFT project and develop an NFT community in one day. The best NFT marketplaces put plans into place and prepare in advance, spending time and money to really connect with their audience. Make sure to implement the path of strategies and with your effort to make it work, you might successfully develop a strong NFT community.

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