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Master Learning

Maximize your learning level.


KRPT Academy aims to maximize the learning level of the participants with own mastery learning model, which prepares trainings in various fields and subjects.


Quality Training

All training programs are planned according to the levels of the participants and advanced to support their development processes. Courses at all levels, from beginner to professional.


For Everyone

From beginner to professional.

Advance Your Career

Take your career up a notch.

Intended For Needs

We define the needs of the sector and prepare our trainings accordingly. For those who want to move up own career or build a new career.

Blockchain 101

▻ In this course, you will understand the structure of blockchain technology, its uses and opportunities, and learn about blockchain applications.

▻ You will learn terms related to the blockchain world and understand the nature of cryptocurrencies, how it works, and it advantages.

▻ At the end of this training, you will have correctly built your knowledge base about blockchain.

The Basics of Blockchain
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KRPT Academy

At KRPT, we help you build and grow.


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