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Blockchain and AI


Blockchain and AI is a comprehensive course designed by industry experts that focuses on two powerful future technologies, Blockchain and artificial intelligence. It is an ideal option for professionals and enthusiasts looking to gain applicable skills in technology, finance and many other sectors.

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The main purpose of the training; To transfer the mechanisms in blockchain platforms and protocols, which cause a technological, economic and sociological paradigm shift on the basis of decentralization in the digital field with Bitcoin architecture, and artificial intelligence-supported real-life application areas to the student holistically with analogical and ontological approaches.

🗓️ When: Tue Sep 22th, 2023 – Wed Sep 23th, 2023
⏰ Time: 19:30 – 22:30
🗣️ Course Language: Turkish
📍 Address: Online
🧑‍🏫 Educator: Turgut Haspolat
📥 Contact: [email protected]

Education Agenda

  • Digital Ecosystem – With increasing connectivity, the big data phenomenon and massive digital platforms
    shaped digital economy.
  • Decentralization Concept – Complexity and complexity system theory, emergent behavior, networking & feedback, security & resilience, distributed system architecture.
  • Blockchain Paradigms – Decentralization, replication, transparency, time stamping, immutability, digital signatures
  • Bitcoin Reference Architecture – Basic cryptography, HASH algorithms, asymmetric key algorithms, digital signature, value generation (mining).
  • Bitcoin Proof of Work (PoW) – Game theoretic approach (trust evolution), scalability, energy consumption assessment (with laws of thermodynamics)
  • Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Integration – Multi-agent systems, autonomous agents, interoperability, example application areas.
  • Blockchain & AI Industrial Utilization – Example proof-of-concept application in the agricultural sector.

Education Materials

Presentation file, Trust Evolution and Game of Life game applications, agriculture sector proof of concept application (updated in system dynamics principles).

Education References

  • The trainer will give examples from past project experiences.
  • Instructor blog posts on the subject.
  • Trust Evolution and Game of Life Games Web Application.
  • Agriculture Sector Proof of Concept Application (to be updated)

Duration of Training

6/7 hours – 1/1.5 days (6/7 teaching sessions) – Option of sub-modules [MAS, Bitcoin]


Turgut Haspolat

  • Professional profile – LinkedIn
  • 15 years IT industry computer engineering, 5 years Blockchain & AI system/project architecture experience,
  • 2 years consultancy member of OECD Blockchain Advisory Board,
  • 1 year Metaverse (p2e gaming) hands-on solution architect experience,
  • 1 year Blockchain & AI academic study.


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