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How To Build Crypto Community?

One of the most important assets you may have in the world of cryptocurrencies is a strong community. Unfortunately, the majority of companies frequently undervalue and fail to recognize the importance of a thriving crypto community.

The community is critical to acquiring the success of any cryptocurrency project. It is both the main source of its demand and its top social media defender when attacked.

What Does Crypto Communities Do

Crypto communities are committed groups of people that have a common interest in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is in order to create a crypto-related initiative, become a thought leader in the crypto business, or invest in cryptocurrency.

Crypto communities may be found on major online messaging platforms,such as Telegram or Discord, where conversations actually happen all around the clock because users connect from all over the world and have different time zones.

These communities provide an opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency for anybody, discuss the latest industry advances, and share pertinent ideas.

The latest crypto coins or tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and Web3 are commonly mentioned.

Why Are Crypto Communities Important?

Numerous new projects are launched each day, and the cryptocurrency industry has become competitive. Many of the projects undertaken have a high mortality rate, which is a worrying trend in the industry. To attract investors, a strong crypto community is necessary. Moreover, the project must be exceptionally innovative in terms of technology.

How to build and grow crypto community?

Developing a community is not the same as creating a decentralized ledger or apps. It is a reactive process that requires continuous tuning and development to fulfill the demands of members.

The following below are tips on how to build a strong and successful crypto community:

Social Media: When articulating a crypto marketing strategy, social media networks are crucial. You can utilize social media to build and expand your largest crypto community.

Do not forget that there are numerous people online that are interested in cryptocurrency projects. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are the greatest social media platforms for the cryptocurrency industry.

There are also essential niche platforms to communication with users, such as Discord, and Telegram;


Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps on the industry. Every month, almost 500 million people use it. Telegram stands distinguished because of its various features. You can lock the discussion and send personal messages after a certain amount of time in addition to chatting.

There is also cross-platform accessibility, as well as support for mentions and hashtags. It will be beneficial and handy for crypto communities and all types of businesses. Both public and private groups and channels can be formed.

Telegram Groups and Channels for the Crypto Community

Here is a list of the top crypto community Telegram groups to consider for project promotion;

ICO Listing: The best community for discussing around cryptocurrenyprojects, including reward, airdrops, discussions, andso on.

ICO Speaks: For cryptocurrency news, ICO/IEO reviews, airdrops,  token sales, marketing, and many other things.

Binance English: Binance Exchange’s official chat group. For Binance-related conversations. English:  To discuss any cryptocurrency, join the community.

DeFi Million: DeFi Million is DeFi-Focused crypto Telegram group that gives advertising chances for new and undiscovered startup ventures.

CoinMarketCap Community: For blockchain and cryptocurrency conversations.


Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform that allows users to chat with phone calls, video calls, text messages, and also create and join communities.

When compared to other social media platforms. Discord has recently become more popular with 20% more active users. It has over 300 million registered users. Although it is favored for personal use, many businesses and crypto communities can use it for professional reasons like community development and brand marketing.

Ensuring a Solid Story: A story is a key factor in community development, like other marketing and branding methods. It might highlight your community’s goals and the benefits they will receive by joining in your venture. Through the story, members can learn about the significance of your project to them and the community. The very first step should be to educate the team about the principles of the projects.

Community Management: The importance of crypto community management cannot be overstated. It is critical to manage your cryptocurrency community. If you are too busy to handle all aspects of your project, it is necessary to engage a cryptocurrency community manager to help you. When selecting a community manager, you must have standards. After all, they will be responsible for an important aspect of your venture.

Crypto Influencers: Influencers are media platforms precursors who have a impact on the decisions of target audience. Finding a reliable crypto influencer and encouraging them to promote your organization may be a good idea as they will bring hundreds of followers with them who may join and grow your crypto community.

Creativity: It shouldn’t underestimate the value of creativity, even when effective community management and communication can guide the community in the correct path. The community’s members can make recommendations and provide new opportunities for your project.

Encouragement of Community: Giving rewards is one of the most important strategies for developing an active audience. Meme contests, trade competitions, AMA events, and free giveaways are all feasible options.

Network: You should invite people to the community who are interested in. You must be clear about your principles and how to include others if you want to take advantage of the network effect.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion is that developing a strong community is equally important as technology and marketing strategy. It is necessary to make sure that it creates enough interest for the people who desire to acquire your tokens and use your services whatever the strategies you choose to advertise your cryptocurrency project.

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