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Istanbul Nightlife Guide for Devconnect fam

Hi Devconnect fam! Welcome to Istanbul. As you know, you are in one of the best cities in the world. We all love to work, but we also need to have fun and relax, and Istanbul is one of the best cities for both work and enjoy the life.

In this guide, I’ll list some of the best nightclubs in Istanbul. I also want to mention that this list is primarily for electronic music enthusiasts; the clubs below generally feature house and techno music. There are also more popular and great clubs that play pop, hip-hop, R&B, etc., but they won’t be included in this list.

The list is not in any particular order. I’ll describe the venues and provide some comments and recommendations for you.

Entrance fees are generally between 150-300 Turkish Liras on regular nights. Most of the clubs have guestlists that allow you to enter without paying, or some nights they offer discounted ‘friendly’ tickets that are cheaper than official tickets. For guestlists and discounted tickets, please contact me. Official tickets can be purchased on, or you can pay at the entrance. Some nights might be more expensive if there is an exclusive event featuring a worldwide-famous DJ, in which case ticket prices can go up to 800-1000 Turkish Liras.

For guestlists, discounted tickets, or any questions, you can contact me via Telegram or Twitter. Don’t hesitate to text me again on Telegram if I miss your message; I sometimes miss notifications. You’ll find my contact info at the end of this guide.

At, you can see all the clubs and DJ lineups for the night and purchase tickets there. Also you can see the event details at that website. You can also check venue’s Instagram accounts for details. and might be alternative platforms to purchase tickets in some events.

Due to high taxation on alcoholic drinks in Turkey, alcoholic drink prices are generally high compared to Europe. In a club, be prepared to pay 150-250 lira for a beer or shot and 300-450 lira for a cocktail. Please note that all prices can change due to high inflation in Turkey.

There are some big events featuring a worldwide-famous DJ almost every week. Currently, only DJs scheduled for consideration include Stella Bossi, Vitalic, Camacho, and Goom Gum, Sama’ Abdulhadi (details below). But as Devconnect approaches, we may see other names announced. You can check on

There are also some secret location hard techno events in underground places in Istanbul. If any event is scheduled, I’ll let you know if you contact me. You also can check at

Here are a few more tips:

  • You’ve probably heard about taxi scams in Istanbul. This won’t happen at the clubs I’ll list below. Prices are fixed, and you can pay with a card.
  • In all the clubs, you cannot enter as a single male; you need gender balance. Some clubs accept 1 male and 2 females, while others only accept equal numbers of males and females or closer number if you are a group of people. If you are a single male, you can try asking females waiting in line to go in with them, but they may reject, so you need a bit of luck and rizz.
  • While walking on Istiklal Street, if someone randomly approaches you and invites you to their club, never go there. They are scammers, and these clubs are usually awful and not reputable. Ignore them; don’t even listen.
  • For transportation, you can use the subway, which operates 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Most clubs are around Beyoğlu – Taksim, and there are also some clubs around Maslak. You can use the M2 line for both, as it goes to Taksim and Maslak. For Maslak, you should get off at ITU-Ayazağa station and walk a little bit. If you take a taxi, be cautious as they might overcharge you. You can use the Bitaksi app to check the price before you go. When you get into a taxi, ask for an approximate cost. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find a taxi, especially in crowded areas like Taksim, Beşiktaş, Levent, etc.
  • Do not forget to check if the club is open or closed at weekdays. In some weekdays they’re closed. You can check on club’s social media accounts or at
  • After a tiring night, you’ll be probably hungry. There’ll be lots of places you can eat. I have two suggestion for the best foods at night after drinking. First is Kokoreç, you must try it. And the second is ıslak hamburger (wet burger).

Here are my recommendations, not in any specific order:

Klein Phönix

Probably the most popular and largest electronic music club in Turkey. The interior design is really nice, and the music and DJs are great. The music genres are mostly house and techno, with subgenres depending on the DJs, but it’s generally melodic-ish techno. If you’re looking for hard techno with underground vibes, this might not be the place for you. Venue is in Maslak. You can use M2 metro line and it’s 3-4 min walk away from Atatürk Oto Sanayi Stop.

The security staff might seem serious and nervous, but it’s not a big deal. Just ignore them and never argue. Wearing sunglasses and chewing gum is not allowed in Klein, so don’t be surprised if the security staff warns you. Klein is relatively more expensive than other clubs and is open until 4 a.m.

 Also famous DJ Rafael Cerato will perform on 11th November and melodic techno duo Goom Gum will perform on 17th November and house superstar James Hype on 25th November. at Klein Phonix. You can dm me for guestlist for Rafael Cerato Event (free entry). You can check out the events at like all other events.


If you’re a raver who enjoys hard techno, hard dance, industrial techno etc., RX is the most popular club with underground vibes for this style. The powerful sound system will blow your ears, and the venue is full of ravers. It’s open until 4 a.m. RX is also more flexible regarding gender balance; you can generally enter as 1 male and 2 females, or similar ratios. RX is currently closed because they are changing their venue. But I guess they’ll open it until Devconnect so double check the location, and even if they do not open their new location, they organize some great events worth checking.

Klein Harbiye

 Another Klein, but located in Harbiye (close to Taksim). It boasts great interior design with a slight touch of a medieval church’s vibe. Personally my favourite place with it’s interior design and the quality of music. It features similar music genres to Klein Phönix, depending on the night. The same rules as in Klein Phönix also apply here. Klein Harbiye will also host rAave.


All the clubs I mentioned above close around 4 a.m., but Under stays open until 6 a.m., sometimes even 7 a.m. It’s probably the most popular ‘after’ club in Istanbul, with a focus on techno that becomes faster and harder as the night progresses. Until 2 a.m., the place is more calm and chill, but after 2 a.m., it starts to get crowded, and 4 a.m. is the peak time when it’s at full capacity and the techno is banging. It’s close to RX, so most people leaving RX at 4 a.m. head to Under.


If you’re looking for only underground hard techno vibes, you can’t find a better place in Istanbul other Banger in my opinion. It’s hard techno all night, with a small venue, two floors, though unfortunately with poor air quality due to poor ventilation and high temperatures. Never go there with heavy clothing; even in the fall/winter, bring lightweight clothes. Also, prices are relatively cheaper compared to most clubs. There is also no cloakroom. It’s open until 6 a.m., making it suitable for afters too. People and staff are always nice The place also has its unique international raver community with lots of tourists.


I think this place has the best interior design by far. The interior of the club resembles a building from ancient Rome, and the lighting is exceptional. Unlike other clubs that focus solely on techno/house, Kastel sometimes plays R&B, hip-hop, and other electronic music genres. The sound system may seem a bit weak, especially if you’re far from the DJ and speakers, so I recommend staying close to the DJ.


Most clubs are in Taksim and around, and some in Maslak, Sumahan is a nice alternative if you’re in the Karaköy area. Suma Han is in a nice historical building. For transportation you can use M2 line Şişhane stop.


42 Venue is not just a nightclub; it’s a versatile venue that hosts conferences, esports events, concerts, DJ performances, and more. On some nights, the venue hosts some of the most famous DJs in the world. While there are no planned DJ events there during Devconnect dates, if you plan to stay longer in Istanbul, the globally renowned techno DJ Stella Bossi will perform on November 24th. The venue boasts the most powerful sound system in Istanbul and features a giant screen like a budget afterlife, so be prepared for some audio-visual shows. I highly recommend this place if you’re staying longer in the city. For transportation, you can use M2 line and İTÜ – Ayazağa stop. Then you need to walk around 10-12 mins

Zoe Garden

Zoe Garden offers a really nice terrace with an amazing view in a historical building featuring excellent interior design. The music genres here include house and techno. Great place to chill and feel the soul of Istanbul. This place has also good cocktails.

Noh Radio

Noh Radio is a nice place where you can enjoy chill music. They have their own unique regular customers. Music genre is generally house or minimal/melodic techno, no hard vibes.

 A small nice place for chilling with baroque inspired interior design where you can listen house music and enjoy their signature cocktails and wines.


Another club in Maslak, it’s less crowded on weekdays but gets busy on weekends. There are two poles inside, giving it a unique touch. The genre here is mostly techno. Fırın is in the same building with 42Venue.

 VW arena is one of the largest venues in Istanbul. Like 42Venue, Volkswagen Arena is a general venue for conferences, concerts and techno events. Around the Devconnect days, this venue will host famous techno DJ Sama Abdulhadi at 11 November.

Dorock XL Venue

Just like 42Venue, here is not a night club. A general venue that host different types of events including techno parties. The venue has nothing fancy itself but depends on the organizater and DJ it might turn into a great night. Also it’s on the Istiklal Street, which means they have the best location.

This Venue will host famous psytrance DJ Henrique Camacho at 18.11.23. You’ve probably heard his ‘Sevillla’ song before.

Zorlu PSM

Again a general performance hall for different types of events, not a night club. Famous French DJ Vitalic will be performing there in 11.11.23. If you are a fan of his music, you can consider going there. For transportation, you can use M2 subway line Gayrettepe stop.

Another event will be hosted in Zorlu PSM is at 19 October. DJ Henrick Schwarz and pianist Bugge Wesseltoft will perform. If you haven’t listened Henrik Schwarz before I highly recommend his set at Cercle. He has his own unique style which he mixes jazz and classical music sounds with electronic music.

Henrik Schwarz set for Cercle:

The Best Devconnect After Party


This is the best social event of Devconnect week. The goal of Sunseth Session is to establish an environment where investors and developers in the software and blockchain industries can collaborate to share thoughts, opinions, and creative solutions.
In this event, which will be held at Cobac workspace, participants can connect and broaden their social and professional networks while taking in the breathtaking views of Istanbul, the Golden Horn, and the Galata Tower with live DJ music, complimentary drinks and snacks.
For detailed information and registration:

This is the end of the list for now. I hope you enjoyed it. I strongly suggest that give one of them a try and see the atmsosphere of Istanbul nightlife, even if you are not much into electronic music. If you have questions please text me.

Twitter: ufukxbt
Telegram: ufukxbt

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