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What is E-mail Marketing and Benefits for Crpypto Community

Email marketing is one of the most popular and successful strategy for marketing campaigns when it comes to growing a brand or selling products.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits, types and the use of email marketing can help your business grow.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email has been a popular marketing strategy for brands and companies in part since it encourages the customer to take movement; an email will remain in the account until it is read, deleted, or archived.

Email marketing can allow you to develop connections with your target market even while increasing traffic to your blog, social media, or anywhere you want them to go.

You can also divide your emails and attract the audience according to their characteristics to ensure that you only send customers the contents they want to see.

Types of E-mails

The emails you require to develop a successful email marketing strategy for your blockchain apps or other cryptocurrency businesses are listed below:

 1) Welcome Emails

The first email you send a client once they join up for your list is a welcome email. It’s your company’s first one-on-one encounter with them.

When compared to a regular email, welcome emails attract three times the number of views and attention. I

ndividuals support where needed a reminder and are looking forward to hearing from you for the very first time.

Whatever significant action the client has to do, what they might anticipate going forward, and a hearty welcome to your list can all be part of this message.

2) Onboarding Emails

Sending onboarding emails helps subscribers learn how and when to use a new product. The goal is to get consumers’ outcomes following their experience with the product so they would continue with it, update, and tell their close companions about it.

3) Feature Details

The features of your product can seem clear to you because you created them or use them often, however they may not seem clear to potential customers. Email is an excellent tool to enlighten customers about your product’s features, how they’re going to help them, and how to use that tool. A feature may be discovered that encourages users to upgrade their plans, stay on your platform, or request your services.

4) Newsletters

Emails delivered as newsletters are intended to enlighten, instruct, or amuse subscribers. When you discuss subjects that subscribers are considering or are interested in learning more about, they look forward to receiving your newsletters. Your reputation and profile are improved as a consequence of developing an acceptable presence in your industry.

Newsletters with links to your blog or website can assist drive people to your page. As a result, your sales can rise as individuals learn about new products or features.

5) Referral Emails

Referral email provides subscribers with a reward for telling their contacts about your product.

People are more inclined to subscribe to anything when they are suggested by a trustworthy friend. People will want to be linked with anything if they notice that their companion is utilizing something interesting.

Why Should Crypto Companies Use Email Marketing?

1) Control of Audience and Communication Channel

A communication channel that is accessible is email marketing. It is not owned by a single business or anyone.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of instances when customers’ profiles on social media have been banned or deleted because the company that manages the platforms didn’t agree with what they posted or did. Even when they have established a significant customer base, that still occurs. Instantaneous removal is possible.

Email won’t allow you to accomplish that. You can contact customers on your email list at any time. There is no platform that you must use. Controlling your audience and communication channel is doing that.

2) Contents

Email allows you to share text, images, videos, and GIFs to convey what you are saying. Moreover, all of this may be sent in a particular message. The variety of themes and color options lets you effectively express your brand.

3) Social media or Communication Platform Usage

Several crypto groups can be found on platforms such as Reddit or Discord. Nevertheless, as previously said, they are not your own platforms, and if they are closed or blocked, your audience is going to follow them.

Moreover, think about utilizing a cryptocurrency heat map so that your audience can keep up with any modifications as they happen. Thereby email is probably best option.

4) Customer trust and Confidence

Email marketing helps you to remain in touch with customers and viewers on a nearly daily basis.

Confirmed costumers also like being kept informed about the latest products and promotions. According to studies, acquiring a new customer costs six times more than maintaining a current subscribers.

5) Conversion Rates

You have your readers’ entire attention when you use email. You can speak for as long as you like to persuade people to react.

And since they’ve now offered you their email address, they’re aware of your brand and far more likely to buy or take action.

Social media has been unable to successfully drive sales and conversion rates. Remember, if you want more than just popularity ratings and likes, email is the manner to go.


By sending out automated notifications to your customers, you can save up a lot of time with email marketing.

You can send several types of ads that can be customised to your particular requirements.

This strategy enables you to concentrate on other parts of your business and brand, including such growing the population who use your services.

Email marketing expenses are also cheaper than those associated with other digital marketing strategies, enabling businesses to make the most of their resources. It enables them to concentrate on their primary business, which is essential.

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