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Is Cryptocurrency Legal in Turkey? Taxes and More

Cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of investors, and governments alike because to its decentralized structure and revolutionary technology and cryptocurrencies have grown popularity in Turkey.

For this reason, the legality of cryptocurrencies has become an important point of discussion in Turkey.

Is Cryptocurrency legal in Turkey?

In Turkey, cryptocurrency is situated in a legal unclear zone. Actually, cryptocurrencies in Turkey were restricted by the Regulation on Prohibiting Payments with Crypto-Assets, which was issued in the official newspaper on April 16, 2021 but, trading in cryptocurrencies is still legal.

Can I invest in Cryptocurrency in Turkey?

Of course, you can. Cryptocurrency exchanges uses in the whole country, giving facilities for investors. Therefore, anyone in Turkey can often buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with the crypto exchanges.

Is Crypto Taxed in Turkey?

The topic of how cryptocurrencies should be taxed in Turkey presents an important challenge for authorities as a result of the way they work. Nothing definite has been announced yet. So, at current, Turkey has no tax regulations for cryptocurrencies.

Is Binance Allowed in Turkey?

Yes, it’s allowed. We can even say that users now have access to a worldwide platform that enables them to take part in the expanding cryptocurrencies due to Binance’s launch into the Turkish market. In fact, Binance’s presence in Turkey contributes to the country’s rising interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.


The legal framework of cryptocurrencies in Turkey is complicated and developing. Users and companies will be informed about the developing legal environment as the government’s strategy evolves in order to cope with the complexity of the cryptocurrency use in Turkey. However, there is no specific result for now and it does not prevent for users.

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