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Twitter Marketing Strategies for 2023

In this article, I will tell you the best marketing methods and strategies you can use on Twitter, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, the main platform of the crypto and blockchain world. 

Yes, these are the best Twitter marketing strategies for 2023.

I got more than 300k views from a single tweet with some of the strategies I mentioned in this article.

Therefore, if you observe your audience correctly and create your own way accordingly, at least one of these strategies will definitely work for you. 

Before I get into the Twitter marketing strategies, I’ll give you a little clue.

Please don’t copy the contents. 

If you want to make a long-term successful journey and create a strong community, don’t steal content.

Be inspired, but don’t copy other people’s content.

Start With Floods

Floods are one of Twitter’s favorite types of content. Because it’s long, it keeps people in the flow. It creates interaction. Finally, Twitter recommends these floods to more people.

Saying start with floods isn’t really a genius suggestion. But I have some extra strong suggestions for you to make Flood writing your strategy.

If you want to create a good flood, here is what you need:

  • A popular topic that appeals to your general audience. It doesn’t have to be very popular, but the subject has to be on the agenda somehow.
  • An action phrase to flood the user in the first tweet of the flood. Ex: Let’s get started or Let’s dive in.
  • The kind of narrative language that your general audience can understand.
  • The introduction, development, and conclusion sections should be separated sharply and precisely.
  • In the introduction, you should simplify the story as if you were explaining it to a 5-year-old child.
  • In the body section, you should go into the event and answer the question why. Using graphics or images in this section will be extra helpful.
  • In the conclusion section, you should talk about the potential consequences and effects of the event and conclude with your own thoughts in a way that will guide and instruct the general audience.

If a flood you have prepared in this way is suitable for every step and if you share it at the right time for your own profile, it will definitely be rewarded.

Interact With Other Accounts

Interact with the names that you produce content for the same target audience and who produce active content in your target audience.

Answer the questions they ask. Support them by making logical and appropriate additions to their shares. Particularly sensible and pertinent I would say, don’t sacrifice yourself for interaction. Only do it if you think your addition will be of value to someone.

Expand the scope of another creator’s flood, or giving reference his or her flood someone who created a similar topic with your floods topic. 

For example: “I will talk about with this topic, which @xyz talked about in his or her flood in a nice and detailed way, from different perspective.”

ICYMI | Marketing For Cryptocurrency

Brand Questions

Include powerful and knowledgeable people in your tweets, especially those with whom you produce content for the same audience or share in the same sector.

For example, you describe the best SEO tools you used in 2023 in a flood. In the last tweet of the flood, he tagged someone who produces content in the field of SEO, whose knowledge you trust and who likes to interact, “What was the best SEO tool you used this year? Can you share it with us?” write this and include in your flow.

Or if you say I am a brand and want to include a different partner brand in my flood, again by asking him a question in the most relevant part of your Flood in your partner brand or simply tagging “Is there anything you want to add about this topic?” you can write something like that.

Twitter Analytics Tools

This is very important. Because even if you do these strategies, you cannot find out whether they work or not without analyzing them.

That’s why, after every special content or campaign you make, be sure to examine their work using analysis tools.

There aren’t many good and useful tools you can use for Twitter. It is actually that hard to find because there are few useful analysis tools.

I’m going to share a few analysis tools with you now.

First of all, of course, you should look at the data of your own profile that Twitter Analytics offers. Twitter Analytics will be very useful for especially to find your profile prime time.

In addition, you can use “” if you want to see which tweets are popular in your sector, which topics are being talked about, or which names are on the rise, from one screen.

It brings your own area or popular tweets from the areas you want to see to your screen. It can provide you with comfort and convenience in many different ways.

In addition, do you want to see the most popular tweets of someone you see as a competitor in your field or that you want to take as an example?

Then “Twemex” will be of great use to you. 

Twemex, which you can install quickly like a plugin, can quickly show you the most popular tweets and the agenda of the home page when you are on your home page, while it will show you the most popular tweets of a person when you enter his profile. Moreover, it is completely free.

Towards the end of Twitter marketing strategies for 2023

People’s screen time isn’t as much as during the Covid quarantines. Lots of people use Twitter to get information and get up to speed quickly. So give them what they want.

Keep your language simple.

It will be understandable.

Give information.

Create reasons for them to follow and read you.

Here are the key points.

If you want to do all this in a planned way and really achieve success, we can do it together. You can reach us from [email protected] whenever you need.

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