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Marketing for Cryptocurrency Everything You Need to Know!


What is Blockchain Marketing

What is the key points of marketing for cryptocurrency? With the introduction of cryptocurrencies into our lives, new strategies began to be sought in marketing works. The contributions of Web3 and its technologies brings to our lives led us to new searches in the field of marketing strategies started to be created considering the projects that can be done on Blockchain and their capacities, the most important and most widespread among them is cryptocurrency marketing. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies into our lives, new Marketing in crypto strategies have developed as well as marketing techniques such as Crypto Content Strategies.

Keys of Building a Marketing Plan on Crypto

As Web3 and it’s benefits as cryptocurencies entered our lives, it’s crucial for crypto projects to do different strategies in every step of projects. Marketing for the crypto and blockchain industry is different from the rest. While making a marketing strategy on crypto; important periods in crypto, halving, 2018 crisis, “new technologies” concepts should be taken seriously. If you do your analysis correctly by thinking innovatively and following sectoral innovations, you can do your marketing correctly and improve your project. Here are some of the best crypto marketing strategies you will need to get ahead in your project.

Why Using Crypto Content Marketing

Crypto content marketing is critical in the crypto marketing. Because the strategy has multiple advantage, it’s essential to incorporate it into your cryptoccurency marketing plan. Currently, there are too many projects in the crypto world.

If you do not have a serious promotional strategy, investors will not consider you. Therefore, a main reason for crypto content promotion is to generate demand for your project.

The good thing about content marketing is that it’s affordable as a crypto marketing strategy. The only financial expence is creating content and promoting on several platforms. 

After creating a strategy for working on content marketing, you should create a strategy for developing the content.

While doing cryptocurrency marketing here, you should be able to analyze other projects well, define your target audience correctly, and carefully select social media for content marketing that you will determine.

Especially Telegram is one of the most important tools in cryptocurrency marketing for community and marketing.

Social Media on Crypto Marketing

Social media, as all projects, is one of the most powerful tools for crypto makerting. While creating crypto projects and blockchain marketing strategies, it is crucial for teams to promote the project correctly and build a community on social media. Some of these social media channels are as follows;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • Podcast
  • Medium
  • Linkedin


twitter for crypto

Twitter is one of the most used social media in the world, so much so that people even use it as a protest tool and get quick results. As of October 5, 2022, it is known to have 396.5 Million users and Twitter is one of the most excellent tools as a marketing tool.

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facebook for crypto

Facebook’s use of artificial intelligence in marketing and its success in this regard cannot be surprising. Undoubtedly, Facebook can be considered an excellent marketing platform for projects.


discord for crypto

One of the platforms that communities use the most and share information is Discord. It’s the most helpful, perhaps most important way is to keep your Discord community alive; make your community communicating with each other.


reddit for crypto

Reddit is a great platform for engagement competition! With discussions and voting, you can create an excellent marketing strategy and gain datas. Also Reddit is a perfect platform for your destination as most DeFi communities love to spend time here.


Podcast is undoubtedly the most comfortable and sustainable one among all which listed. The advantage of podcasts is that even if you are busy with any work, you can listen comfortably with headphones on the road or anywhere. This makes podcasts an indispensable marketing channel.


Medium is the most popular among the blogging platforms, the high rate of interaction and the fact that twitter founders fund and support this platform creates the perfect environment to support your work with blogs and articles.


LinkedIn is an excellent marketing tool, although its use is not perceived correctly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the fastest platform to reach your target audience is Linkedin; all you need to do is to get interaction by sharing your posts frequently. In this way, you can progress quickly in the community building section by improving your network.

Campaigns as Marketing Strategies on Cryptocurrency

According to the behavioral tendencies of companies and individuals, the tendency to buy a product develops after fully examining and understanding the product. The situation is not discrete in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

Even if your product is difficult to understand technologically by the masses, it can be a big step for your project to be reviewed, explained and recommended by Crypto Influencers who influence the masses. This is an excellent strategy for Crypto Marketing.

Sharing the content you produce and spreading word of mouth starts to attract traffic to your website. The content should have massive organic leads that surpass those from PPC campaigns. Remember that it is important that the content you produce appeals to the target audience.

Build and Interact With the Community

As in all ecosystems and business models; Building a community and communicating with the community is indispensable. Of course, the importance of community strategy in Crypto Marketing is undeniable.

The biggest purpose of establishing a community is to provide trust in your product. This is why it’s important to stay in touch with your community. At the same time, you should be able to give your community the opportunity to improve you and be very transparent about accepting criticism and suggestions.

Sharing the roadmap, documents and all processes of your projects honestly with your community provides confidence to the project.

Make Hypes

hype for crypto

The concept of hype is of great importance for crypto projects too. Selling products to people by causing fear of “exhaustion” in other projects and strategies is something we are used to know. In the crypto ecosystem, we call this “FOMO” Fear of Missing Out. To create a successful Crypto marketing strategy, you must make people feel this emotion ”FOMO”. You can do this with certain Airdrops, special offers, deadlines.

 The optimal FOMO time for a crypto project is the pre-sale period. Although the next periods vary from project to project, it is a very important time to promote your project, build a community and implement your marketing strategy.

Airdrops are Important

Airdrops are excellent strategies to keep your community alive and motivated. You can also catch hype by making airdrops and reward your users to motivate them to buy more your product.

Make partnerships with influencers

 In new age, we can clearly see that new media is more reliable than traditional media. Since the philosophy of cryptocurrencies is based on distributed ledger technology, crypto influencers, which we can assume decentralized, have of great importance for communities.

Because they can explain technical things simply about projects, reaching small or large investors as they are already their followers and can promote your project. So much so that crypto projects allocate a large part of their marketing budgets to influencers.

By collaborating with influencers, you can get your project publicized faster, build or grow your community, and increase your financial investment prospects. Remember that Twitter and YouTube are the platforms where influencers are most effective.

Interact on Telegram with the community

Telegram is one of the most reliable platforms primarily because of its end-to-end encryption. Compared to other communication platforms, it is more meticulous about privacy.

 It would not be wrong to say that it is the default communication tool among crypto communities. Creating a 24/7 active community will be low-budget and you don’t have to make any extra effort to reach crypto holders.

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