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SEO Strategies for 2023

SEO strategies are very important for brands that want to improve their digital marketing activities. It is hardly surprising that companies that want to achieve long-term and sustainable success place emphasis on SEO.

With the Covid-19 epidemic and Covid quarantines by the whole world in 2020 and 2021, people’s screen time and internet use have increased. This has caused many brands and companies to give extra time to their SEO work.

Competition increased at the same time as the increase in users. Those who consistently applied the right strategies became the winners of this race.

None of the strategies or tactics mentioned in this content promises to bring you instant success. However, if you apply these tactics or strategies regularly and with quality, you will definitely get rewarded.

White for People Not Search Engines

The biggest mistake many brands and people make is forgetting that their content will be read by a human. Overused keywords to rise rank faster, meaningless sentences and paragraphs added to lengthen content, or all meaningless descriptions.

These are all things that make you no reach your target audience. Search engine bots can like your content, maybe you can get to the top quickly, but content that doesn’t benefit users and that people don’t understand cannot achieve sustainable success.

If your aim is to rise to the top in a short time, to relegate to the lower ranks and to damage your brand’s image, do these immediately.

If your goal is to stay in the top position, keep the image of your brand at the top level and increase your credibility, DEFINITELY don’t do these things.

The choice is yours, just like the blue or red pill.

Either you understand the facts and achieve sustainable success or you will be happy for a short time.

Build Quality Links

Backlinks are something everyone in the SEO world has heard a lot. Yes, for some it works very well, for some it doesn’t work at all.

In this section, we won’t discuss the impact of backlink acquisition on SEO.

Of course we will get backlinks. But how?

When getting backlinks, we will definitely get them from a relevant site and content. For example: You have a cryptocurrency project and you are doing SEO. You will not go and buy content from a place that produces content on US literature.

So how should we do it?

You will receive links to your relevant content from sites that produce content related to you or in similar fields, or that have previously had content in a similar field. This is something to careful about when doing external links.

How should you build a link on your site?

Just think a family tree. Even if you start from the very end, if you are going to the biggest member of the family, you should set up an internal link structure in the same way. You should link your content that you want to highlight from relevant content. Of course, it is very important that you do this without exaggeration.  Our content will come which is “How can detailed, accurate and useful link building be done in the upcoming period regarding this issue?” you can check it from there.

Speed Up Your Site

If you want to get good results from your SEO works, you should speed up your site. Remember, in the internet world, no user waits seconds for the site to open.

Make your site as fast as a war jet.

If you can’t do it as fast as a war jet, at least as fast as a Bugatti.

You have prepared the content on your site perfectly, you have built links correctly, and everything on the content side was very high quality. If your site isn’t loading fast and your site is slow, all of these are NOTHING.

Optimize your images and reduce their size to speed up your site. If you are using WordPress, remove unnecessary plugins completely. If your site speed is still unsatisfactory, ask the developer to review your CSS code and fix it if possible.

Remember, in SEO, site speed may not be everything, but it is many things.

Right Keywords

The biggest mistake many brands and people make isn’t choosing the right keywords. You have many ways to choose the right keywords, and I will share with you the method that will work the most and fastest.

Let’s first understand the mistake made.

People directly take the names of their services or products as keywords when promoting a product or describing their services. If you are a new site or have just started SEO work, you probably won’t be able to rank higher when determining your keywords this way.

Therefore, instead of keywords with a high degree of difficulty that directly describe your product name or service, identify questions that your potential target audience can ask (long-tail words) as keywords.

If Semrush etc. If you don’t have one of the SEO analysis tools, initially, write down questions your potential customers or users might ask and alternative words they can use when searching for your product/service. You can shape your SEO work according to these words.

If you want to quickly identify the right words, you can use Semrush. In my opinion, definitely use it, don’t waste your time doing manual research.

SEO For All

SEO is a long and difficult journey. If you can’t devote the time to SEO completely or do sustainably, don’t start and waste your time.

As KRPT, we create a completely special roadmap in SEO and achieve sustainable success with our monthly/weekly reporting and analysis. 

If you need SEO marketing or want to be more visible, you can reach us at [email protected].

Reach your real value with us.

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