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How to Write an ICO White Paper Guideline For 2023

How to write an ICO white paper? Entrepreneurs and Project Teams prepare White Paper to attract more investors and Traders to their project.

Especially in Crypto Launchpads, it’s used for nearly every ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects because white papers contain all important information about an ICO project, for instance; A project’s concept, roadmap, and future expansion are all described in White Papers.

As a result,  people who will invest have higher confidence about the project.

 If you looking for a guide, this article can help you. We will discuss how to write an ICO White Paper and what a White Paper should contain. In the last, we will look at some ICO White Paper examples.

How to write an ICO White Paper

We have prepared 8 titles for you to write ICO White Paper;

bitcoin white paper
Bitcoin White Paper Written By Satoshi Nakamoto

Knowing Audience

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is very important to take into consideration the what the audience wants, needs and who they are because it is the most effective way to prepare the project in its’ best way and reach more people.

Form of White Paper

White papers should not be kept too long and written without any unnecessary information in it. Also, It should contain no more than 5000 words. These are critical in order to keep the reader from being distracted.

Informations of Protect Team  or Company;

-When it is established?

-Where are their location place?

-What they do?

-What they plan in the future?

Problem and Solution

 You have given the necessary information about your project team or your company. What topic should you consider next?  ‘’what the problem and the solution are.’’

 The project is introduced in this part, along with the issue it seeks to resolve and the strategy it will use to do so. The solution includes a market analysis to demonstrate the precise need for the product and how it fits into the market place, as well as information of the comprehensive product description.

Description of your ICO Project or Token

 Companies, project teams or entrepreneurs using ICO (Initial Coin Offering) with the purpose of raising funds. In the other hand, investors and traders receive cryptocurrencies in exchange for their financial investment in the business with ICO platforms. When creating an ICO project, your goal should remain in these specifications. As a result, both sides’ demands will be contented. So, there will be a happy Project Team or Company and happy investors or traders.

Technology of the Token

Describing project’s technical details and underlying technology are most important thing that investors want to learn. Because of this, you should go into great detail when describing the project’s technology and make every effort to present the best technology to the investors and traders but it does not mean that your White Paper must include math formulas and software architecture which would be very boring for white paper readers.

Commercial of the Token

This is an article that you do not need to write on the white paper, but is crucial for both references and favorable impression.

On social media, it takes an average 2 second for someone to look a post. As an outcome, your post needs to be engaging and pretty obvious. Otherwise, you are very likely to missing out potential investors.

Roadmap and Timeline

Last but not least, the white paper should include a development roadmap. Project Team’ working plan for the next year should be presented or include at least a beta-launch.

ICO White Paper Examples

Here are the best examples of white paper!

ICON (ICX) White Paper

how to write crypto whitepaper

QUOINE White Paper

how to write an ico whitepaper
QUOINE White Paper

DigixDAO White Paper

ico whitepaper examples

As you can see, every of them are addresses all of the topics discussed in this article and uses spectacular language and examples to attract investors. By removing most of the technical complexity, all reports focuses on identifying the goals and targets that the project hopes to reach.

In Conclusion

The ICO has the potential to attract a large number of investors and traders if these points are clearly following. The reader should be impressed by the white paper. So, teams and companies must be try their best to include and explain everything significant about their ICO project.

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