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Crypto Influencer Marketing: The Definitive Guide

When we say Crypto Influencer Marketing, we can find many explanations and options. Especially in the cryptocurrency bull in 2021 and 2022, many digital advertising agencies have entered the world of crypto, blockchain and web3 to serve brands because they realized the cake in this area and wanted to get a share somehow.

Basically, when we look at the meaning of the concept of Influencer, it is the name of the profession that is attributed to people who have a certain audience and have the power to influence that audience with their discourses, actions or shares. I treat it as a profession because most countries now tax influencers’ digital earnings.

Unlike the classic Instagram, Youtube or Twitter influencers that social media users have been familiar to for years, the sharing habits, content formats and audience movements of crypto influencers are almost completely different.

Because of these differences, both the influence on the community of influencers and the pecuniary conversion provided are at a much higher level. Because it is a profitable option for many crypto companies financially, crypto influencer marketing is one of the first choices for crypto projects and companies that want to market.

In this article, we will answer these questions, “What is crypto influencer marketing?” and “How to do crypto influencer marketing?”.

Influencer Marketing

What Is Crypto Influencer Marketing?

With the spread of social media use throughout society, influencers have begun to enter our lives more and have increased their effects. Seeing that the influence of influencers on the communities has increased, many brands have started to work with Influencers and have developed their own dynamics in a short time, with the conversion rates increasing at serious levels.

One of these dynamics is nicheization. As in every growing and developing sector and field, influencers have emerged in the Influencer world who specifically refer to or represent many different subjects. To give a few examples; we can say the fields of makeup, sports, comedy, fashion and crypto.

With the great rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2017-2018 and 2021-2022, influencers that produce content specifically for the crypto world and influence communities have begun to emerge.

Even before 2021, influencers in magazines, news or any other field tried to evolve their audiences towards cryptocurrency investors.

When we say Crypto Influencer, you can think of cryptocurrency investors, those who want to learn blockchain technology or people who research technologies that can be integrated with the next generation blockchain such as web3 and produce content for these communities.

The biggest reason why Crypto Influencers are stronger than many other influencers is that their direct financial effects are felt and they can direct investors.

Crypto Influencer

How to do crypto influencer marketing?

There are some rules you need to know before doing crypto influencer marketing. Of course, you can work with crypto influencers, do influencer marketing or set up campaigns without knowing these rules, but it may not satisfy you in terms of conversion and efficiency. In other words, your money could be wasted.

The first thing you need to do when starting crypto influencer marketing is to identify influencers that are suitable for the language of your own brand, company or crypto project. Once you identify these influencers, you must understand that their followers and interactions are real. Because there are many crypto influencers that show high number of followers and interactions thanks to fake accounts we call bots.

You have made your crypto influencer list and after making sure that the followers and interactions of the names on your list are real, you should customize your advertising setup for each crypto influencer you plan to collaborate with. If you do not make these customizations, the campaign you have set up will quickly turn out to be an advertisement. Since it is not original, the effect it will have on cryptocurrency investors will not be high.

Important note: According to the laws of many countries, the influencers you will work within any advertising work you will do on social media must state that the work such as “#ad, #pr, #cooperation, #advertisement, #sponsored” is an advertisement as the users will see.

It is not a problem that the campaign you have designed is perceived as an advertisement, but this campaign should be conveyed/transmitted to the investors in such a way that the users will see their own benefits at a higher level in the advertised campaign. Therefore, originality is important in the work to be done for each influencer.

By planning these steps, you can do a basic level of crypto influencer marketing.

As KRPT, we offer all processes of crypto influencer marketing service to brands, companies and projects professionally and accurately. If you want to set up and manage an accurate campaign and get results, you can reach us via [email protected].

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