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How to Promote an ICO? Marketing Strategies ICO’s

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is entirely new. Thanks to the development of new cryptocurrencies and ICOs’ technology in general, and therefore it is growing rapidly.

In accordance with this, there are lots of factors that play a critical role in creation of an ICO. But, without marketing, it’s impossible to make a successful ICO.

The key purpose of marketing is to get people interested in ICOs. This is achieved by analysis, research, and considering the interests of an ICO’s potential investors.

The industry is already overloaded, so, in order to survive and attract attention from potential investors and traders, you’ll need to find what are the best ICO marketing strategies.


Before the launch of the ICO project is offered one of the most crucial steps to do is creating a catchy website.

 The first thing that should be aimed is visuality instead of the texts on the website. A website with well-designed visual effects is much more persuasive  to attract the attention of those who are potential investors and traders.

  In this point of matter, it is important to applying instructions of SEO.

ICO White Paper

Entrepreneurs and Project Teams prepare White Paper to attract more investors and Traders to their project.

Especially in Crypto Launchpads, it’s used for nearly every ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects because white papers contain all important information about an ICO project, for instance; A project’s concept, roadmap, and future expansion are all described in White Papers.

As a result,  people who will invest have higher confidence about the project.

 A whitepaper must be contain the following key points:

-The problem and the solution

-Informations of Protect Team or Company

-Description of the ICO

-Technology of the ICO 

-Roadmap and timeline for development and launch

ICO Listing

ICO listing websites are a great place to get pre-ICO press and visibility for the ICO. Some free listing websites exist, but it should be sticked with the top and most prominent commercial ICO listing platforms.

Also, it should be kept track of  website’s traffic and ranking. Lastly, it is a good idea to talk with ICO services before listing an ICO.

ICO CAlendar

There should be advertising in popular ICO Calendar platforms like Coinschedule and, etc. It should provide information which contains ICOs name, ICO concept, sale start and close date and link of ICOs website on those sites.

Press Releases

how to promote an ico with PR

Publicizing your ICO’s message through press releases is an approved strategy. There are some certain websites that can publish your press release, but if you do not even work with them, you will need to use their premium services. So, it is necessary to allocate a budget for this.

E-mail Marketing

how promote an ICO with e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing  is a form of direct marketing and another method of reaching an audience. It provides creating and designing attractive newsletters including press releases, enlightening and technical articles by growing an email list for developing a relationship with potential investors and traders. This strongly supports the growth of trust and connection.

Affiliate Marketing

how to promote an ICO with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model. The principle is that affiliates likely have more contacts and have larger networks than you.

 They get a promotion by sharing an affiliate link and encouraging potential investors and traders to visit a website or join a platform.

Content Marketing

content marketing for ico promoting

 It is probably possible to miss out on a massive opportunity if there is no priority to content marketing in ICO because content marketing is the most powerful method that is used to grow the business and gather leads.

 It is the roadmap to growing the web, receiving more visitors from various online networks, and producing more opportunities for the ICO. An effective ICO content may also help increase the industry’s authority and convey ICOs’ expertise.

ICO Content Marketing Types

Blogs:  Blogs build awareness and increase engagement with the users. It can be used to publish any type of content in the quickest and simplest way possible.

 Even though blog post’s average length is 1.200 words, long-form contents always have a higher chance of satisfying a user’s search purpose.

Case Studies: Content that displays successes with your technology or company.

SEO: SEO, or search engine optimization, is a collection of optimization strategies for websites, blogs and online pages. It provides that the content reaches its target audience organically.

Videos: Producing a video is harder than writing an article in a blog but research shows that people watch videos for at least 84 minutes per day. So, there must be no doubt that videos are an excellent strategy to reach more users for an ICO.

Social Media: It can be hard enough to attract a potential investor to the ICO’s website for the first time. Once they get there, showing them to visit your social media accounts is a good option to let them know how to communicate with you.

Influencer Marketing

how to promote an ICO with influencer marketing

 Influencer marketing is a strategy that involves collaborating influencers and corporations to reach a selected audience. Influencers are seen as promoters of some businesses due to their ability to communicate with their followers. In other words, they are appointed as intermediaries.

Paid Promotion

 The ideal option for entrepreneurs who are not very familiar with a variety of web marketing strategies is to use paid marketing services. These services are provided by Google, Twitter, YouTube, and other online platforms. One instance of paid promotion is ICO advertising on crypto-related websites.

Blockchain Marketing Agency For ICO’s

 Hiring a professional agency for marketing, can save a great deal of time and money. ICO marketing agencies will use an approved marketing plan to move your ICO from nothing to the top in the digital world.

 Along with the crypto influencers, agencies will use current marketing strategies, tools, and techniques to generate higher reach, more leads and investment.

 For these reasons, allowing an agency is a good idea to raise more funds or attract more investors and traders to acquire an ICO.

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