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Mind Mapping Course

The mind map technique is a graphical way of presenting ideas and concepts. It is a visual brainstorming tool that helps collect, capture and structure information, thus helping the user better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, look holistically and remember information and knowledge.

In a mind map, information is structured in a way that is much more similar to the way your brain actually works than in traditional note-taking or linear text. 

It uses your brain in a much richer way, helping all your cognitive functions since it is both an analytical and a creative activity. 

Mind maps also activate the right hemisphere using creative and visual functions, while the left side of the brain controls logic, numbers, linear thinking, analysis, and language. 

It is used as a general memory technique that strengthens both sides of the brain. As a result, this significantly reduces the time required to capture information.

The Goal / Course Description

It provides creative thinking and idea generation at all stages of life such as note-taking, lessons, meetings, courses, project management, planning, and problem solving.

Course Contents:

What is Mind Mapping and its Purpose?
What are Mind Mapping Uses?
Mind Mapping Exercises

At the end of the course,

You’ll save time by improving your time management skills in both your personal and professional life.

You will increase your communication skills, problem solving abilities, creativity, and knowledge retrieval abilities.

Learning to Learn’ with Mind Maps will be enjoyable for you.

You’ll start to think more critically, tactically, and creatively.

You’ll be able to work more creatively both on your own and in teams, which will result in more innovative ideas.

You’ll discover how to use mind maps for both personal and professional use.

Who is this course suitable for:

For everyone,
Those who want to learn the subjects in a fun, permanent and effective way.
Those who want to put their thoughts and ideas on paper in the most effective way.
Those Who Want to Take Notes in the Most Effective Way.
Those who want what they have learned to be remembered for a long time.

The duration of the course is 2 hours, the language is Turkish.
KRPT Academy

Mind Mapping 101

The Basics of Mind Mapping
Effective Communication in the Workplace
As in all areas of life, we encounter communication problems and conflict in business life. In this training, we will discuss communication in a little more depth. The training will be interactive way.
Purpose of Training
The main purpose of this training is to increase the level of knowledge of the participants about communication, to increase the expression ability of the participants, to increase their awareness, to try to reduce the communication accidents in business life.
Content of the training
What is open communication?
What is closed communication?
What are the barriers to effective communication?
What is the Halo Effect?
The place of body language in communication,
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Communication,
What empathy is and is not?
How feedback should be given?
Who is this course suitable for?
It is suitable for those who are interested in communication, who want to better understand and improve their own communication in business life.
Training Duration is 1 hour. 15 minutes of Q&A will be done.
Training language is Turkish.
The Basics of Communication at Work
KRPT Academy

Effective Communication in the Workplace

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